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  • New innovation

    Machine designed for cleaning small parts with the aid of specialised washing solution.

    Consisting of two independent sections: for automated washing and for manual rinsing. The vision was to combine both of these functions so that they are in one machine, but also working independantely from each other.

  • Folklorní soubor písní a tanců Handrlák

    Podporujeme místní tradice

    Letošní a minulý rok všem ukázal, jak je důležité být součástí komunity a navzájem si pomáhat, a proto jsme se rozhodli letos podpořit místní FSPaT HANDRLÁK

    Our production

    We have manufactured more then:

    Parts washers

    Give us a call on:

    +420 572 548 159


    Customer service

    Free on-location machine trials

    We offer our customers free trials of some of our units on‑locationensuring the requirements are met through practical testing.

    TREFAL, spol s r.o.


    Manufacture of parts washer machines

    with our in-house design team and project management team, we do not only focus on serial production, but also bespoke units made to order.

    Customised stainless steel products

    In accordance with our customers needs and requiremets via a technical design package.

    Sub-contacted production of sheet metal parts

    on CNC machiens (press brakes, punching machines, shears, welding, grinding work, etc.)

      But we also provide...

      • production of single-purpose machines

      • programming of processor control

      • production of control panels and el. installations
      • processing of stainless steel
      • processing of steel and other materials
      • manufacture of large welded units

      Trefal, spol. s r.o.

      Contact Us

      + 420 572 548 159