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Material processing

Information on our other production possibilities.

Our company is equipped with a wide array of machinery for various production options and technological processes. Hence, we are able to do most of the manufacture in-house. We have a list of certified business partners with whom we work closely with on a regular basis, just in case it happens that we are not able to perform a specific task or process. We can easily undertake series production, as well as produce individual prototypes, of which we would design in-house with our technical department. We are able to undertake all stages of whole projects from the start to finish, including all appropriate documentation and certification to go with the product.
We have vast experience with the processing of stainless steel and steel derivatives, but also other materials such as- aluminium or plastic.
In-house 4 mm / 3 m
Outsourced 16 mm / 4 m
In-house max. Ø 180 mm
max. Ø 240 mm
Outsourced 16 mm / 4 m
Outsourced material thickness up to 20 mm
Outsourcede material thickness up to 80 mm
Water jet
Outsourced material thickness up to 100 mm
Centre lathe
In-house max. Ø 380 x l 750 mm
CNC milling machine
In-house maximum dimensions: 900 x 500 mm
Working stroke:
Horizontal axis - 700 mm 
Vertical axis - 500 mm 
Depth axis - 500 mm
Press brake
In-house CNC 2,5 m/60 t
CNC 3 m/175 t
Outsourced CNC 6 m/300 t
Cornice Brake
In-house NC 2 mm/2 m
Slip Roll
In-house thickness 1 mm/1 m
Profile bending machine
In-house steel max. 80 x 60 mm
NC pipe bender
In-house max. Ø 60 mm
Column drill
In-house max. Ø 20-32 mm
Radial drill
In-house max. Ø 50mm
In-house standard welder
Fronius pulse welder
In-house AC welders
AC/DC Fronius welders
Spot welding
In-house standard machine
digital machine
Capacitor welding
In-house machine max. Ø 10 mm
Manual processing
6 stations
Powder coating line
Outsourced 600 x 1200 x 6000 mm
Powder coating box
Outsourced 4000 x 4000 x 9000 mm
Hot-dip zinc
Outsourced 1200 x 2000 x 10000 mm
Galvanic zinc, nickel, chromium
Stainless steel material - brushed finish

Trefal, spol. s r.o.

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