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Since the establishment of Trefal our main focus has been the manufacture of degreasing machines.  Over the years we have gained a great deal of experience and knowledge through continued experimentation and testing of our products, innovating us further.

All products we manufacture originates from our technical design department. Here, our designers are continuously innovating our current product list improving the machines of tomorrow.

„Necessity is the mother of invention“ and our designers keep this in mind on their path to new products.

Technical Design and Development

The entire design process is done in SolidWorks software, which provides a wide range of tools and significantly simplifies, speeds up and refines our work. It allows us to see the whole product in 3D before any production begins. We are able to simulate the stress points of any machine, its components and individual systems, to indicate flaws, which speeds up the design process. We can also simulate the liquid or gas flow within any of our products enabling us to adjust their distribution if needed to increase the efficiency of the system.

With the use of the above we produce a complete product data manual, consisting of detailed technical drawings of their components and systems.

Import dokumentů

>The ideal data for importing files into SolidWorks have an ending: .SLDPRT ; .SLDASM or .STEP ; .STP , but there is quite a few other options – for further information, please do not hesitate to contact our technical design team HERE.

An example of air flow trajectories over various contours.

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