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We work closely with each of our customers on all aspects of the manufacturing processes and this has become our daily routine. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all of our customers feel an important part in the manufacturing process and it truly is their machine. Due to our well established reputation we are often asked to undertake projects of a different nature than that of degreasing machines, That’s why if you take a look at our portfolio you will find other equipment such as automatic fire extinguishing systems, supporting mechanisms for the automotive industry, various items within the metal industry to mention just a few.

Pressurized air knives

We designed a type of Durable air knives to blow pressurized air to remove excess liquid from wet items.

Pressure filtration system

Microfiltration pressure filters range.

Automatic fire suppression system

This system is designed in the event of a fault during any manufacturing processes to quickly and efficiently extinguish any flames or fumes that may arise, preserving the equipment and t...


We have designed a condensing unit for our range of degreasing machines.

Industrial bathing unit

Pneumatic device designed for submerging items into a chemical solution.

Stainless steel control units

All of our control units are manufactured in stainless steel and are equipped with a control panel containing a variety of buttons and switches and a processor controlled display unit.

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