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Unit designed for drying small parts in a rotating basket.

It is primarily designed as an accessory to the MB500 machine. Dried items are placed in special baskets that are attached to a rotating arm that slowly spins around its axis, while the parts are blown with hot air via drying nozzles creating a stream over all surface areas of small objects, thus, within a few minutes, they are dry.

The unit can be used with either one large basket or two small ones:

  • Large baskets:
    W- 500 mm, D- 200 mm, H- 220 mm
    W- 300 mm, D- 200 mm, H- 220 mm
  • Small basket:
    W- 150 mm, D- 200 mm, H- 220 mm
Parameters value
Voltage 380-415 V / AC 50Hz
Insulated protection IP 54
Drying ventilation unit Q 0,4 m³ při Pcv 800 Pa
Maximum load capacity 70 kg
Length x width x height 1 123 mm x 1 760 mm x 1 520 mm
Weight 430 kg
Input 11,7 kW
Wash cycle 1 sec. - 9 hod.
Maximum air temperature max. 120°C

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