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002-MV500 - special

Specially modified machine with blowing, designed for the washing of pipes, including their inner surfaces.

This machine is based on the basic MV500 version and its exterior is designed almost the same as the basic version. However, the washing area was significantly redesigned. It still contains a support frame, but the frame is specially modified to accommodate a rotary inlet. The inlet supplies two media – washing liquid and air – to the area around which the frame rotates. This enables both the liquid and air to be directed into the interior of the pipe and achieve the desired result.

The washing machine is equipped with an oil trap, a filter basket at the bottom of the washing area and two filter sieves of a different mesh size in the sump. Jets are located both on the sides of the washing area and on the top and bottom. 

The machine is transported horizontally on a wooden pallet.
It lies on its right side (viewed from the front).

Detailed overview of propertiesValue
Input 380-415 V 
Max.current rating 16,6 A
Protection level IP 54
Electric heater(s) 1 x 6 kW
Temperature setting 40 - 70°
Wash cycle 0,5 - 5940 min
Spray pressure 3,6 bar
Pump flow 80 l/mi
Maximum working height 1390 mm
Basket diameter 500 mm
Maximum load kapacity on tray 140 kg (35 kg/basket)
Solvent capacity 100 l
Working solvent levels 90 - 100 l
Dimensions LxWxH 925 x 1035 x 2275 mm
Weight 220 kg
Pump 1,1 kW
Input 7,5 kW
Air Nozzle flow 6 bar - 49 Nm3/h

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