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Chamber style degreasing machine with retractable front door.

Chamber style degreasing machines are especially suitable where it is necessary to wash tall objects that cannot be closed in a standard machine due to the hinged lid. Part of these machines is a user loading platform located in front of a vertical lift door. A basket is placed on this platform and sits in runners allowing ease of movement into the machine. Thanks to this, all aspects of the process are accessible. Objects can be placed in the basket manually or with the use of a crane- much more user friendly (for heavier loads it is possible to use an automatic drive on the platform).

This type of machines can be equipped with various additional functions and extras. For example, the VR model is also a rinsing device, which means that in addition to traditional degreasing cycle, the unit also has a secondary rinsing cycle. The final cycle is by a clean water solution from a separate sump.

The MK1200-V machine has a basket diameter of 1200 mm as standard (we do offer a wider range of sizes). The basket loading platform can be upgraded with two extension either side of the machine (MK1200-VT), which allows the simultaneous use of two baskets that can be exchanged (while the first is in the degreasing machine, the second can be loaded). This significantly speeds up the entire washing process.

Optional additions:

  • Pressurized air knife
  • Hot air drying
  • Condensing unit
  • Chemical dosing unit
  • Magnetic filtration system
  • Microfiltration
Parameter Value
Voltage 380-415 V / AC 50Hz
Degree of protection IP 54
Electrical heating 2 x 6 kW mytí + 1 x 6 kW oplach
Washing sump capacity max. 300 l
Rinsing sump capacity max. 300 l
Maximum Load capacity 350 kg
Dimensions L-2473 x W-2197 x H-2266 mm
Height when door fully extended - 3266 mm
Weight 1600 kg
Power input 25,6 kW

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