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Pressurized air knives

We designed a type of Durable air knives to blow pressurized air to remove excess liquid from wet items.

Due to our own design we have achieved the following characteristics:

  • Higher resistance - the knives are made entirely from stainless steel, so susceptibility to damage caused by mechanical, chemical or thermal stress is significantly reduced. They consist of several steel plates screwed together which forms a compacted unit.
  • Integration dimensions - thanks to its compactness, the knife takes up minimal space and so are suitable for a wide range of positioning.
  • Even distribution of air - air is distributed evenly along the entire length of the nozzle. As a result, there are no “dead” areas and the object is blow-cleaned continuously throughout the entire surface.
  • Adaptability - the design of the knife allows the user to easily modify its length and thus adapt to the desired use.


During our development phase, we use the most up to date software, which allows us to quickly and effectively overcome any challenges we face. With the help of a flow simulator, we are able to see from the very beginning the right direction in which our systems should work, and thanks to this, the development process is significantly faster. We were able to complete the majority of the development stage before any functional testing, which is of course still an integral part of the whole process.


Air flow simulation

Air consumption of the original multi-channel air nozzle versus the pressurised air knife (length of 400 mm):

NozzleAir consumption – 6 bar
Multi-channel air nozzle 224 m3/h 
Pressurized Air knife 27 m3/h

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