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Machine designed for cleaning small parts with the aid of specialised washing solution.

It consists of two independent sections: for automated washing and for manual rinsing. The vision was to combine both of these functions so that they are in one machine, but independent of each other.

  • In the left part of the machine there is an automated washing cycle using loading baskets:
    The parts are inserted into a special basket and encased via a lid. The basket is placed on the carrier and secured with clips. After closing the machine lid and starting the cycle, the basket lowered until fully immersed in the washing solution and then rotates around on an axis. This results in a flow over the surface area of all contained items and thus perfect washing. Just before the end of the cycle, the basket is drawn out of the solution while constantly rotating, thus removing the excess. An optional extra is a separate drying box, where the parts in the same basket are perfectly dried. No need for decanting from one basket to another, all you have to do is move the entire basket, including its contents, from one device to another.

    The unit can be used with either one large basket or two small ones:

    • Large baskets:
      W- 500 mm, D- 200 mm, H- 220 mm
      W- 300 mm, D- 200 mm, H- 220 mm
    • Small basket:
      W- 150 mm, D- 200 mm, H- 220 mm

  • In the right part of the unit has a separate lid for accessing the manual rinsing:
    After opening this lid, the worker has access to the washing solution where he can use the product to rinse the parts to remove any remaining residue.

There are draining boards fitted with guttered surfaces on both sides of the machine, where the washing basket can be stored. The device is also equipped with a condensing unit, pressurised filtration system and is on wheels. The fluid sump is completely insulated.


Optional additions:

  • Pásový sběrač oleje
  • Časovač pásového sběrače oleje
  • Magnetická filtrace mycí kapaliny
  • Mikrofiltrace mycí kapaliny typ 1
  • Kondenzační jednotka
  • Doplňování chemie
Parametr Hodnota
Napětí 380-415 V / AC 50Hz
Krytí IP 54
El. topení 6 kW + 1 náhradní těleso
Objem kapaliny 315 l
Nosnost 70 kg
Délka x šířka x výška 1 440 mm x 2 685 mm x 2 070 mm
Hmotnost 895 kg
Příkon 12,81 kW
Mycí cyklus 30 sec. - 99 hod.
Nastavení teploty lázně 40 - 75°C

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