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Other products

We design and manufacture various pieces of equipment for a whole host of different industries and urban spaces.

Pressurized air knives

We designed a type of Durable air knives to blow pressurized air to remove excess liquid from wet items.

Pressure filtration system

Microfiltration pressure filters range.

Automatic fire suppression system

This system is designed in the event of a fault during any manufacturing processes to quickly and efficiently extinguish any flames or fumes that may arise, preserving the equipment and t...

Balcony sun visors

Innovative designing with practical functionality


We have designed a condensing unit for our range of degreasing machines.

Display stands

This specific model of a stand allows for the presentation of large-formulated tiles.

Industrial bathing unit

Pneumatic device designed for submerging items into a chemical solution.

Industrial filtering funnel

Practical helper for plants of various kinds where there is a need to pour waste liquids into a central sump.

Mobile flower planters

Flower boxes incorporating a stainless steel weather resistant frame, wooden inserts and wheels.

Stainless steel control units

All of our control units are manufactured in stainless steel and are equipped with a control panel containing a variety of buttons and switches and a processor controlled display unit.

Street lighting

Stainless steel street lighting poles.

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