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Automatic fire suppression system

This system is designed in the event of a fault during any manufacturing processes to quickly and efficiently extinguish any flames or fumes that may arise, preserving the equipment and the health of the operator.

Steel lined wash space

The technological process behind the washing or preservation of inserted parts is submersion to a chemical bath. In order to prevent any chemical damage in the event of a leak, the unit is encased in a protective framework. If a fire ignites, the outer walls of this frame are lined with a compressed fire-retardant material named "Fire Stop" from the company Knauf, which is designed to withstand the effect of a fire for at least 45 minutes.


Is connected to the lid of the unit. It is constructed of a square tube frame covered with a layer of sheet metal which is coated on the underneath with a fire-retardant layer from “Izostav” designed to withstand the effects of any fire for at least 30 minutes.Its movement is controlled via a pair of hydraulic arms connected between the tub and the underside of the lid.

Incorporated fire suppression system

Independent of the unit in its own location and with its own mode of operation, there are pressurized gas cylinders which are designed to inject fire suppressant gas into the unit at a time when there is a risk of fire. The gas is transferred via a pipe network from these from pressure cylinders. The system is designed in a way to automize the function even if a fire occurs exterior to the unit.

Automated flammable vapor extraction system

At the rear of the unit is a ducting system connected to a powerful fan which is incorporated into the fire safety design, automatically expelling any hazardous vapours which may be produced.  

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